What Watch


What Watch is a powerful tool that covers many areas and techniques of astrology. Its purpose is to get quick access to relevant information and displaying it in a concise and no-nonsense way: Keep it simple while providing all that is necessary.

That's why in some cases, What Watch not just replicates what astrology software usually offers. The harmonic aspectarian is a unique blend of approaches to get a comprehensive view on aspects. Midpoints are an integral part of What Watch, not just an add-on. And the features for timing of transits, progressions and solar arcs allow a very detailed analysis of what's going on in life.

This tutorial gives an introduction to all these features. For more information, please also read the FAQ pages of What Watch.

First Steps

Synastry, Composite, Davison

Transits, Progressions
and Solar Arcs

Lunation cycles
Solar Return and Persona Charts

Atlas and Time Zones
Relocation Charts

Search and Analysis

Customize What Watch

FAQ 1 - General Questions
FAQ 2 - The Planets